Frequently Asked Questions

Vaping products should not be used whilst pregnant or breastfeeding, as e-cigarettes are battery-operated cigarettes that turn chemicals(including nicotine) into vapor which is then inhaled. Nicotine is addictive and can damage a developing baby’s brain and lungs. Vape may also contain other substances that are harmful to a developing baby, like heavy metals, flavourings, and cancer-causing chemicals.
We are constantly inventing new flavours, but for now, we offer 18 flavoured e-liquids for use with our vaping product. We have a classic collection of flavours that include
Pineapple Citrus Ice
Mixed Berry Menthol
Pink Lemonade
Watermelon Ice
Cola Ice
Banana Ice
Juicy Grape Berries
Blue Raspberry Sour
Mango Peach Ice
Strawberry Lime
Glacier Mint
Caramel Tobacco
Passion Fruit Kiwi
Energy Ice
Cinnamon Fireball Candy
Sour Apple.
At present, there are no universal laws that prohibit the use of our products. Therefore, they can be used everywhere. Location-specific policies may, however, prohibit the use in some public spaces like restaurants, bars, or cinemas. This is at the discretion of the proprietor, and varies by region.
According to our User Policy, Vapes Bars® is strictly against the marketing and selling of our products to minors, and we have a strict over 18-year-old policy. Our age restriction also varies by regional legal age for smoking.